Getting your Z fuel 

If you're on the fuel back home plan your fuel will be loaded into your Sharetank in the Z App. You can find help on getting that set up here.

You'll have to make sure the phone number you use to set up your Z App is the same number you've used to set up your power with Z, so we can connect your accounts. 

If your rewards aren't showing in Sharetank, contact us with the details of your Z App account and your power account and we'll look into it for you. 

What you'll get

For every $100 that you spend on electricity, you’ll earn 5L of fuel. So the more you spend on power, the more fuel you'll get. 

The fuel will be loaded to your Sharetank when the payment is shown as being successful in our system. 

  • If your bill is paid successfully by debit/credit card, your Sharetank litres are uploaded automatically the same day (Thursday).
  • If your bill is paid successfully by Direct Debit, your Sharetank litres will be uploaded once your payment is showing as acceptable on Monday. This is because direct debit processing takes 2 business days to show if payment has been made successfully or not.
  • We also provide part litres based on your power spend e.g. if your power bill is $103.72, you'll get 5.19 litres of fuel added to your Sharetank account.

Changing fuel grade

If you want to change the type of fuel you get, contact us or email and we'll change it for any future rewards.

We're not able to change fuel rewards that have been received previously, but you may be able to share them with others in Sharetank. 

If this is causing a major issue for you, get in touch at and we'll see if we can help.