You're in control

You decide when you buy fuel and how much you spend. Sharetank allows you to lock in a pump price and buy up to 1000 litres for when you need them.

Help your closest go further

No matter where you live in Aotearoa, you can share your virtual litres with up to 5 of your friends, family or use them yourself. For whatever reason or need that arises, Sharetank is the perfect solution by having pre-purchased fuel at your best local Z price.

Share with up to five people

You have the option of sharing your virtual litres with your teenage kids, giving you peace of mind they won’t be stranded, or perhaps your grandma only uses her car twice a month and you want to make sure she’s fuelled up and ready to go. Whoever you share with and whatever your situation, we've got your back. Of course, you also still have the option to keep your entire Sharetank to yourself.

Share everywhere, use anywhere

Have your kids flown the coop? Perhaps you’re living in Tauranga but they’re in Timaru. Or you can add pre-paid litres in Cambridge and then fill up yourself in Christchurch. How you use your litres at Z is up to you!

Managing your account

Z App has a simple and clear dashboard for you to keep track of your account in real time. You can check your rewards, fuel balance, savings and keep track of your spend. You can also manage who has access to your tank at any one time and see what they've used.

Every transaction secure

Your payment details are kept securely in the Z App. Every litre you purchase is handled within the app.

Flex to use your litres when you choose

When you pre-buy your litres you can use them whenever you want. It doesn’t matter if the pump price is more expensive than when you filled your virtual tank. You decide when and where you use your litres.

If the price is cheaper

If the pump price is cheaper than your weighted average Sharetank price, you can choose to pay for the fuel with your backup payment option and save your pre-bought litres for another day.

If the price is more expensive

Know your saving. If the pump price is higher than your weighted average Sharetank price, we calculate your savings versus what you would have paid.

Payment made easy with Z App

Redeeming your Sharetank litres is easy. Make Sharetank your default payment method so you can pay by plate or pay in app, allowing you to fuel up and go.

Get a little extra

We all need a little extra sometimes, and on our bonus litres days you are rewarded with free litres when you pre-buy 150L or more.

The more you top up, the more you earn:

How much you pre-buy

Bonus litres you'll earn

0-149 litres 0
150-249 litres 5
250-499 litres 10
500-999 litres 25
1000 litres 50


We run bonus litre promotion days regularly so make sure you have your notifications on in your Z App to be notified when to fill up.