Redeeming pre-purchased fuel

Got your virtual tank topped up and ready to go? Sweet. Roll into any of our stations and fuel up, scan or pay with Z App and go. Easy as!

Step 1: Find a station

Got a mobile connection? Search for your nearest Z service station from the palm of your hand. Sharetank is accepted at all of our Z service stations right across Aotearoa. Fill up, pay at the pump and off you go.

Step 2: Choose how to redeem

Scan your Z App in-store, at the pump, or with pay by plate / pay in app.

At the pump

Use your Z App to go to your Sharetank and redeem balance. You can create a QR code and you then use this to scan at the pump before filling your vehicle or in-store after filling your vehicle.

You can redeem with your QR code at any Z site that allows you to pay at the pump.

Pay by plate or pay in app

If you're a Sharetank owner (you set up the Sharetank) and also use pay by plate / pay in app, you can select Sharetank as your preferred payment method when setting up your number plate in the pay by plate / pay in app section of Z App.

Your other method of payment if loaded, is used as a back-up if the pump price on the day is cheaper than the price you paid for your Sharetank balance. You can change this default setting under 'Sharetank preferences' if you want to always pay with Sharetank.

Once all set up within Z App and you arrive to refuel your vehicle, your Sharetank balance for the fuel grade you've selected in pay by plate / pay in app will then be redeemed, up to 100L per transaction.

You need at least 15L in your Sharetank to use it with pay by plate / pay in app. If you have less than 15L, pay by plate / pay in app will always use your backup payment method. Part payments using Sharetank and back-up payment method aren't possible when using Sharetank with pay by plate / pay in app.

If you want a member of your Sharetank to pay by plate, simply go to the pay by plate section on Z App. Tap 'add another vehicle', enter the car registration number and fuel type, and ensure the default payment method is set to 'Sharetank'.

While you can load a member's car registration, they will not be able to pay in app, as this car registration will be linked to your version of Z App.

Step 3: Manage my account

See transactions

With Sharetank App you'll be able to:

  • See a full history of Sharetank redemptions
  • See how many litres have been used over time
  • See you Sharetank savings
  • Look at individual redemptions
  • Keep track of everything if you own the Sharetank

You can find all your Sharetank transactions by tapping the three dots in the top-right corner of the Sharetank section of Z App to find the Sharetank menu and tapping 'Sharetank activity'.

Request a receipt

GST receipts

A GST receipt will automatically be sent via email every time a Sharetank balance is topped-up with Z App. GST receipts for each top-up will be automatically sent to the email address you entered when joining Z App. If your top-up is over $1000, we will send you an IRD approved modified tax invoice, making expense claims simple.

Non-GST receipts

You will receive a non-GST receipt in-store anytime you redeem a Sharetank balance. If you pay at the pump, you cannot request a non-GST receipt.

Rights and Permissions

If I’m an owner

If you add someone to your Sharetank, they will have access to use any of the fuel balance of any grade in your Sharetank.

If I’ve been invited

Once you join someone else's Sharetank, at this time, you can only redeem the fuel balance of their Sharetank. The owner will be able to see transaction details when you have redeemed Sharetank litres from their balance.

Only the Sharetank owner can top-up the Sharetank balance. Sharetank members can  see and redeem the fuel balances of all 3 fuel types at over 200 Z stations nationwide.

Only the Sharetank owner can invite others to access their Sharetank. Sharetank Balances cannot be sold, refunded, transferred or exchanged for cash.


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